Regenerative Organic Certified

Industrial agricultural practices are playing a major role in the destruction of our planet. It destroys soil, depletes topsoils, and emits 25% of all dangerous climate-changing emissions. It’s time we all make smarter decisions to ensure more sustainable food production for generations to come.

Regenerative Organic Certified (ROCTM) empowers farmers and improves soil quality using techniques like cover cropping, crop rotation, low-till farming, and composting without persistent pesticides or fertilizers, leading to increased carbon sequestration and promising sustainable communities and superior nutrition. It is the gold standard worldwide, and its rigorous standards ensure that soils are properly cared for in order to sustain this rich natural resource over time. Additionally, animal welfare and social fairness requirements guarantee a healthier future for all living beings.

Regenerative Organic Ocean Farming

Regenerative Ocean Farming (ROF) is a revolutionary “polyculture” system that grows a variety of seaweeds and shellfish in every layer of the ocean, from surface to seafloor. It requires zero inputs and helps sequester carbon while restoring reef ecosystems. Neptune Health operates a regenerative ocean farm to responsibly produce and harvest our sea moss.

The Regenerative Ocean Farming initiative is creating economic opportunities and fighting climate change by sequestering carbon emissions, promising to increase oxygen levels in the air while shielding vulnerable communities from storm surges. Additionally, ROF has the potential to restore our precious ecosystems and provide better food security for everyone. 103 words

Despite these innovations, regulatory hurdles can make it difficult to launch a regenerative ocean farming operation with access to public coastal waters. Keep reading to learn more about our Farmer-In-Training program that gives start-up farmers the resources they need to succeed.