Workforce Development

Programs like ours and Greenwave’s Farmer-in-Training help regenerative ocean farmers realize their dreams. It was Bren Smith’s example of the ROF system, Thimble Island Ocean Farm in New Haven, Connecticut, that spawned GreenWave. GreenWave’s website is a toolbox that levels the playing field for small and medium-scale ocean farmers. It provides all sorts of useful resources, like how to obtain permits, how to plant and grow seaweed, and some secret goodies tucked away behind password protectors. This arsenal gives those in GreenWave training an edge against big players. Organizations like GreenWave and companies like Neptune Health are determined to revolutionize ocean farming over the next decade by training and supporting 10,000 farmers through free ‘Farmer-in-Training’ programs.

Neptune Health is setting sail on a journey to help local farmers in the Caribbean make their dreams a reality. Our Farmer-in-Training Program provides ambitious entrepreneurs with everything they need to get started, including guidance and tips. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity like this, so let’s make waves in sustainable regenerative ocean farming together!