Farm to Fridge

Delivering food from the farm to your table consists of the following five steps:

  • Harvesting and Production… 
  • Processing Agricultural Products… 
  • Transporting Food to a Regional Distribution Center… 
  • Shipping Produce to Customers… 
  • Food Ending Up in your Fridge

How it happens:

  • Sea moss is organically grown and sustainably farmed
  • Sea moss is naturally harvested and organically processed
  • Sea moss is meticulously bundled and prepared for transport
  • Sea moss is Inspected and shipped from the Caribbean islands
  • Sea moss is shipped to our production facility
  • Sea moss is iInspected, tested and products are produced
  • Neptune Sea Moss products are delivered to consumers

By adopting sustainable agricultural and aquacultural practices, we can help safeguard the environment and create a better future for all. These measures include protecting air quality, nurturing soil health with careful water resource management, providing humane conditions on farms, and reducing our carbon footprint in order to combat climate change.

Prioritizing nutrition in the healthcare system is also key to promoting better health outcomes and ensuring equity. And empowering communities with easy access to nutritious foods can help reduce diet-related diseases, leading to improved overall well-being for everyone. 

Neptune Sea Moss comes directly from our regenerative ocean farms to you in the form of high-quality sea moss gel, soaps, gummies (coming soon), and pet treats (coming soon). There’s never a middle-man, just high-quality organic sea moss products unlike any others.