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Superior quality sea moss that offers extraordinary benefits.
Get 92 of 102 vitamins and minerals your body needs in your daily serving.

What is Sea Moss?

It is a small, spiky or frilly seaweed that resembles red leaf lettuce.

Sea Moss, scientifically known as Chondrus crispus, is a unique species of red algae found on Atlantic coastlines. Boasting an array of vibrant colors from yellow-green to dark purple and resembling uncut lettuce leaves, this fascinating seaweed thrives in tidepools and along coastlines throughout Britain, Europe and North America.

Not only does sea moss provide essential nutrients; it also contains prebiotic mucilage fiber which may help promote overall gut health. Early research also indicates that sea moss could potentially bolster the immune system and provide protection against salmonella.

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We value the planet and those within it—believing that the best way to stay healthy is by using robust natural resources in a safe and responsible way.

Direct Sourcing

Sourcing directly from farmers enables us to provide consumers with the best quality product possible.

Authentic Partnerships

We work directly with sea moss farmers from the Caribbean, forming meaningful relationships all along the production chain.

Transparent Practices

We value ethical production every step of the way and believe in leaving nature better than we found it.

Powerful sea solutions

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