St. Vincent Authentication/ Certification

Knowing where the sea moss products you purchase come from and that they’re authentic goes a long way in ensuring they’re of the highest quality. When you choose Neptune Health for your sea moss products, you’re getting the very best.

But how do you really know? Let us explain and show you, so you’re not taking quality for granted.

Ensure the sea moss products you buy will deliver maximum health benefits for you and your customers by evaluating the following criteria:

Certificate of Authenticity 

Neptune Health provides buyers with a Certificate of Authenticity, providing a guarantee that the sea moss product(s) purchased are genuine. This certificate, indicative of quality and rarity, is essential not only for verifying our product’s originality, uniqueness, and quality, but also determining its overall value.

Certificate of Free Sale

Neptune Health offers an official Certificate of Free Sale that signifies our products are successfully marketed within the United States and can be shipped for export. It also indicates we have a pristine record with the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Certificate of Health

The APHIS plays an essential role in controlling the international spread of diseases by certifying that agricultural and food products exported from the US are disease-free. Neptune Health will provide a Certificate of Health containing vital information for importing countries, ensuring their safety standards for US imports are met.

Certificate of Manufacturing Process 

Neptune Health furnishes documentation that certifies that each lot of our product was manufactured and tested in compliance with all specifications, cGMPs, the executed Master Batch Records and other applicable regulatory documents. The Certificate of Manufacture and Certificate of Analysis are provided as a single document.

Certificate of Origin and/or Age

Neptune Health will provide a certificate that certifies the country where our products originated, and it may be required by the government of the country where your goods will be imported. It’s also frequently used to determine how much duty the importer will pay to bring in the products.

Certificate of Sanitation 

Similar to a Certificate of Health, Neptune Health will provide a certificate to confirm that our sea moss products are free from disease or pests (insects), and that they have been prepared in such a way that they meet or exceed Neptune Health’s rigorous standards.