Quality / Care

Neptune Health will partner with 100 local farmers on the lush, tropical coasts of the Caribbean Islands, and is committed to providing much needed support and training for these hardworking individuals. Through Neptune Health’s Farming-in-Training (FIT) Program, we help aspiring ocean farmers support their families and achieve their dreams. Our comprehensive support system provides the guidance and motivation needed to kickstart an exciting journey and master the craft – from start up all the way through harvest!


  • 11-15% of greenhouse gas emissions come from current non-regenerative agriculture processes.
  • 15-20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from food processing, packing, and transportation.
  • 3-4% of greenhouse gas emissions come from decomposing food waste.
  • Small-scale farmers have access to less than one-quarter of all farmland, yet feed the majority of the world’s population.
  • As climate change intensifies, small-scale organic farms are proving to be more robust than larger plantations and monoculture operations.
  • Regenerative organic farming has the potential to not only offset current CO2 emissions, but actually reverse our carbon footprint! 
  • Practices like crop rotation coupled with thoughtful soil health management techniques can make an impactful difference in reversing climate change.

With the rapid innovation of aquaceuticals, we strive to provide a superior quality product and experience for everyone involved. Neptune Health creates impressive and consistent sea moss products by supporting a reliable network of regional farmers with sustainable regenerative farming methods. We’re passionate about developing meaningful connections between farmers and consumers while promoting positive change in our environment. Together, we can make an impact far greater than any one farm can on their own.