Our Vision

The world needs healing and Neptune Health is here to help. Our vision is to make high-quality sea moss products and their benefits accessible while creating a mutually beneficial relationship with nature and the wonders within it. 

We seek a reality where innovators and lawmakers around the world come together to create powerful solutions that not only respect all organisms in and out of the ocean, but use safe and sustainable practices to heal our bodies and restore ecosystems. 

Gone are the days of empty promises, destructive harvesting, and greenwashing. Neptune Health is committed to a healthier, more sustainable future for every living thing.

Our Story

For over 27 years, our founder has worked closely with professional athletes around the world. When the pandemic struck in 2020, he noticed several NBA players using sea moss as a way to boost their wellness and support their immune systems. 

In pursuit of a powerful blend that he felt met the standards of his personal and athlete’s consumption, he found that every product came up short. The next 18 months were spent tirelessly researching every aspect of sea moss from the best way to farm it to the people who grow it, as well as every part of the manufacturing and distribution process. 

Since then, Neptune Health has created strong partnerships with respected farmers across the globe to share the powerful properties of sea moss with people everywhere, using hard work, transparent practices, and research to create high-quality sea moss gel, gummies, soaps, and pet treats. 

Our Values

We value the planet and those within it—believing that the best way to stay healthy is by using robust natural resources in a safe and responsible way.

Nature has proven time and time again that it has the power to heal our bodies and keep us functioning at our peak—so why should we treat nature any differently? We feel an important responsibility to take care of the planet which is why we ethically source our sea moss directly from Caribbean farmers, ensuring transparency and sustainability along every step of the process.

As the industry of aquaceuticals continues to advance and grow, we are dedicated to delivering the best quality possible, as shown through our production process as well as our products themselves. We value authentic relationships between farmers, brands, and consumers and hope to positively impact the world around us. 

At the foundation of our service stands our core values:

  • Authentic Partnerships—We work directly with sea moss farmers from the Caribbean, forming meaningful relationships all along the production chain.
  • Direct Sourcing—Sourcing directly from farmers enables us to provide consumers with the best quality product possible.
  • Transparent Practices—We value ethical production every step of the way and believe in leaving nature better than we found it.