St. Vincent

The regenerative ocean farms that grow the sea moss we use in all of our products are located in the largely untouched, pristine coastal shore waters of St. Vincent & the Grenadine Islands. An enchanting cluster of islands that lie in the sun-kissed waters of the Lesser Antilles, St. Vincent and The Grenadines sit just south of majestic St Lucia and west from beautiful Barbados. The archipelago spans 150 square miles, with stunning crystal clear blue waters that are perfect for sustainable regenerative ocean farming.

St. Vincent lies at the northern tip, with 32 pristine islands and cays known as The Grenadines to the south. Canouan is small and secluded, surrounded by shimmering waters protected by an immense barrier reef along its Atlantic side, with only 1700 inhabitants. Canouan’s most prominent feature is Mount Royal reaching for the heavens from this picturesque island flanked by Glossy Bay and Friendship Bay.

A Caribbean paradise awaits in St Vincent and the Grenadines – a hidden gem of volcanic islands, islets and sandbanks steeped in pirate history and largely untouched by tourism. If you are lucky enough to visit, you can take an idyllic stroll along peaceful white-sand beaches or explore exciting sailing or snorkeling adventures in pristine waters that teem with brightly colored fish. Divers of all skill levels love the diverse range of coral reefs, wall dives, and shipwreck sites.

These islands are also a paradise for sea moss thanks to volcanic activity as recent as 1979. The volcanic activity has made the soil and water here the most fertile in the Caribbean, perfect for sustainable regenerative ocean farming.