At Neptune Health, we’re focused on incorporating Sustainability, Regenerative Organic Ocean Farming, Farm to Fridge, and Quality/Care into every resource we farm and product we make. 

Nature has demonstrated its extraordinary capacity to nurture our wellbeing time and again. It’s time we stepped in as caregivers, protecting it for future generations. To honor this commitment, Neptune Health sources our sea moss exclusively from Caribbean farmers in an ethical way that ensures sustainability every step of the way.

However, there is a hidden cost: people working on many of these farms face low wages and harsh conditions. As consumers, we have an obligation to speak up for those providing us with sustainable food solutions, even if it means paying more.

Regenerative Ocean Farming (ROF) creates economic opportunities, helps fight climate change, increases oxygen levels in the air, and shields vulnerable communities from storm surges via kelp farms. It can restore our precious ecosystems and provide food for everyone. 

Neptune Health is investing in Caribbean ocean farmers to help them offset their start-up costs, train them on valuable ocean farming techniques, and successfully obtain permits to lease coastal waters. By partnering with Caribbean regenerative ocean farmers, we can ensure the highest quality sea moss is delivered directly from their farms to our facilities, where we produce superior sea moss gel, gummies, soaps, and pet treats (COMING SOON) containing high-concentrations of essential nutrients to maximize health and wellbeing.