What Makes for a Good Quality Sea Moss Brand and Why

Chondrus crispus is a species of red algae that flourishes on the rocky shores of the Atlantic coast from the British Isles through Europe and Latin America. Sea moss is its scientific name, whereas sea kelp is its colloquial name. It is a tiny seaweed that resembles red-leaf lettuce and maybe spiky or frilly. Unlike red leaf lettuce, though, it can come in a variety of colors, from dark purple to yellow-green. Since ancient times, sea moss has been exploited for what are believed to be nutritional and medicinal reasons. There is evidence that sea moss was utilized in Chinese medicine as early as 600 B.C., and by 400 B.C., it had become a food source in the British Isles. Also utilized in Chinese medicine was sea moss. During the Irish Potato Famine of the mid-19th century, sea moss was a vital source of sustenance. Irish immigrants who afterward migrated in the United States established seaweed farms. Due to agar shortages that occurred during the Second World War, sea moss gained popularity as an alternative food thickener and emulsifier.

Factors that make for a Good Quality Sea Moss Brand:

Every available Irish sea moss product out there will claim that they are the most effective, pure, and best overall. However, not every one of these dietary supplements can stay true to the claims that are made about them. The following criteria need to be taken into consideration in order to differentiate between good and bad.

  1. Organic Irish Sea Moss

Due to the way that it grows, organic sea moss should be used whenever possible. If sea moss is cultivated, then it is likely that heavy metals will be incorporated into the final product, which can cause more problems than it solves. Because it is produced in a natural environment and does not absorb heavy metals, organic sea moss produces a product that is not only more effective but also cleaner and safer.

  1. Manufacturer Transparency:

There are several companies that have been operating in the supplement sector for years and have demonstrated that they can produce products that are of high quality and level of effectiveness. Others are dishonest business people who are trying to make a profit off of the enormous amount of publicity around sea moss. Credit was awarded to companies that had a lengthy history of formulating useful, safe, and high-end supplements. This was done despite the fact that there was no need to be biased toward newer companies.

  1. Doctor Formulated:

Many goods have received the approval or recommendation of a nutritionist, medical practitioner, or one of several other types of specialists. When developing their products, several companies consult with a medical advisory board. In spite of the fact that this is in no way necessary, we chose to provide credit to businesses that had some kind of medical basis. When it came to medical help, we gave higher marks to businesses that provided more of it.

  1. Pricing:

Growing sea moss, collecting it, and turning it into a final product are all rather simple processes. As a result, you shouldn’t go crazy on sea moss supplements and spend a lot of money on them. Having said that, the price of sea moss products can vary widely depending on the quality, the number of other substances included, and the dosage. 

  1. Complementary Ingredients:

You have probably seen that burdock and bladderwrack roots are frequently added to Irish sea moss in order to boost its mineral content of the sea moss. Your body needs 102 different vitamins and minerals in order to function properly, and a formula that contains sea moss only will provide 92 of those nutrients for you. Conclusion:

The above listed are the factors that make a sea moss brand the best among all. You should definitely research for yourself and find the best supplement for yourself.