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decades of commercial farming reduced minerals in your food

In the heart of our modern agricultural landscape lies a silent crisis – the depletion of vital minerals from our soils. As commercial farms emphasize quantity over quality, the once-rich nutrient content of our crops has dwindled. Weight-centric grocery store practices further mask the nutritional decline, perpetuating a cycle of diminishing health. This land/food problem emerges from continuous reliance on commercial farming, leaving our diets lacking the essential minerals our bodies crave.


Commercial farming depletes soil minerals, resulting in lower nutrition in crops despite their weight and volume.


Grocery stores emphasize selling produce based on weight rather than considering mineral content, leading to a decline in overall nutrition.


Commercial farming depletes soil minerals over time, resulting in crops with lower nutritional content despite their weight and volume.


The land/food problem emerges, where crops lack the mineral richness they once had, impacting the nutritional value of the food we consume.

mother nature preserves life & vitality in untouched areas of nature

Yet, there’s a remedy beneath the surface of our oceans. The water cycle, dancing between volcanic islands and coastal shores, carries a bounty of minerals into the hands of sea vegetables. These oceanic wonders convert these bioavailable minerals into a form superior to synthetic additives commonly found in processed foods. Consider this – if you persist in consuming nutrient-deficient foods, your health may plateau. However, the decision to add sea-based minerals back into your diet could catalyze a transformative journey toward improved well-being.


The water cycle, especially on volcanic islands, transports minerals from the soil to the ocean, enriching marine ecosystems with essential nutrients for sustained biodiversity and ecological balance.


Oceans, rich in minerals, offer a natural solution to our mineral deficiencies caused by the land/food problem, replenishing vital nutrients from the ocean waters for optimal health and well-being.


Coastal sea moss transforms ocean minerals into superior, bioavailable plant nutrients, delivering superior nutrition, while outperforming artificial fortifications and synthetic vitamins commonly found in foods.


As you continue consuming nutrient-deficient foods, health condition may persist or get worse. However, if you add bioavailable minerals from the sea back into your diet, your health conditions can improve.

What is Sea Moss?

A TYPE of seaweed

Sea Moss, scientifically known as Chondrus crispus, is a unique species of red algae found on Atlantic coastlines and along coastlines throughout Britain, Europe and North America.

Sea moss provide essential nutrients; it also contains prebiotic mucilage fiber which may help promote overall gut health.

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We work directly with sea moss farmers from the Caribbean, forming meaningful relationships all along the production chain.

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We value ethical production every step of the way and believe in leaving nature better than we found it.

Powerful sea solutions

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